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Fear you’ve missed the braces boat?

posted 12/07/2016


Don’t worry – it’s never too late to set your teeth straight and we have a super selection of treatments to realign them quickly and discreetly so you don’t have to be stuck with metal clad teeth for months on end.

We offer almost invisible aligners that fit over your teeth to gradually move them to a much better position and some pretty discreet options that work in a similar way to traditional braces but are made from materials that blend in with your teeth. We even have braces that can be fixed unobtrusively to the back of the teeth.

Impressively ‘invisible’ aligners

If you can’t stand the idea of brackets stuck stubbornly to your teeth and their associated annoying wires, then why not try a more subtle alternative. Invisalign® features a series of secretive aligners that can straighten your teeth with precision but without having to shout about it.

These removable aligners are made from a comfy, clear material and designed just for you. Produced using top notch technology, each aligner is slightly different and because you wear a new one every two weeks, your tricky teeth are gradually moved to a new, improved position.

They can be taken out for brief periods, so there’s no restriction on what you can eat and if you want a night off once in a while, you can leave them out, but make sure you put them back in place when the party’s over.

So go on – have a feast and a ball – your life will be largely unaffected with these convenient aligners.

Lingual braces shun the limelight

Known as lingual braces, because the brackets are firmly fixed to the ‘lingual’ surface of the teeth – i.e. on the back – the advanced Incognito™ braces are virtually invisible because they are kept hidden from view. This is a fantastic choice for self-conscious adults who want straighter teeth but none of the attention while their gnashers are being nudged into line.

These braces are designed especially for you using the latest digital technology, which ensures extremely accurate results. There’s also an Incognito™ Lite option which focuses solely on 6-8 of your front teeth or can be used to sort out orthodontic treatment you may have had as a child.

Subtle ceramic braces

A precise, yet inconspicuous choice, these straighten like conventional braces but do it much less noticeably as the tiny, stain resistant brackets are made from ceramic and the wires are tooth coloured. The brackets also have rounded corners so they are less irritating.

Added benefits

Don’t forget that straightening your teeth will not only make you look a whole lot better, it can also sort out a bad ‘bite’, help you to chew more efficiently, make speaking clearer and improve oral hygiene.

So if you’re a grown-up but your crooked, gappy or overcrowded teeth are bugging you, we can help straighten them out in style. Give us a call on 023 8022 0008 to find out more…