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Have a happy, healthy mouth this Christmas!

posted 09/12/2015

The festive period is awash with tasty treats that can play merry havoc with your pearly whites so check out these top tips for shiny happy teeth.

Don’t get too fruity

Often neglected during the rest of the year, dried fruit comes in to its own at Christmas, populating all manner of festive fare such as Xmas puds, mince pies and cake. Beware of this sticky fiend, it loves hanging out between your teeth and causing all kinds of damage.

Cranberries may be healthy little gems and your turkey’s perfect partner but they’re also pretty acidic so munch in moderation.

Tenacious toffee

Toffee likes to stick around causing all kinds of damage so why not try the fleeting sweetness of melt in the mouth treats instead. Pass the chocolate!

Have a very cheesy Christmas

After you’ve eaten all those yummy puds, check out the cheese board. Cheese is your pal at this time of year because it restores the natural acid balance in your mouth.

Take a break

We all like to overdo the sweet stuff at the most wonderful time of the year, but while you’re snuggled up on the sofa in front of a super soppy Christmas movie, just remember that your teeth are under attack for up to an hour after eating. So lay off that sky high pile of selection boxes and give your biters a break every once in a while.

Go nuts!

Pick healthy snacks such as crunchy carrots or nutritious nuts to help prevent plaque formation and sugar damage.

Use the right tools…

Lay off opening beer bottles with your teeth – it will only end in tears. If you do happen to lose a tooth while acting the tough guy either pop it back in the socket or keep it in milk until you see an emergency dentist.

The dark side

When it comes to your tipple of choice, stay away from the dark side as heavily coloured drinks have higher PH levels which means they are more tooth unfriendly. Go for lighter coloured drinks instead. Anyone for Champagne?

Be a sensible softy

Soft drinks can be just damaging as alcoholic beverages so choose fruit juice rather than a fizzy mixer and sip through a straw to avoid too much sugar getting hold of your teeth.

After dinner coffee? I think I’ll ab-stain

When all the festivities leave you flagging, coffee and tea may give a welcome boost but they can also leave unwelcome stains. Opt for milky drinks or be extra good and sip green tea which is much better for your teeth.

Keep at it…

It may be Christmas but make sure you don’t neglect your dental routine – brushing twice a day won’t take up too much of your present opening time and if you continue to pay attention to your mouth you’ll be all set to bring on the mistletoe!