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A new smile for the summer?

posted 27/04/2015

With the longer, brighter evenings and increasing temperatures it can mean only one thing – summer is around the corner! With this exciting thought in mind, many of us start to think about forthcoming holidays, socialising with friends and plenty of outdoor fun in the months ahead.

For those people who are not particularly happy with their smile the summer season can be a little more daunting – with many choosing to avoid events that should be fun – such as summer weddings, parties and barbecues – simply due to a lack of confidence and a desire to hide away.

If this is you then just imagine how a transformation in your smile could make you feel. What would you change about your teeth if you could? Perhaps you would straighten the odd wonky front tooth, close up a number of unsightly gaps or completely re-align all of your teeth so that they are straight and beautiful?

Whether you are looking to dramatically transform your smile or simply restore re-lapsed orthodontic work from your childhood, at Southampton Orthodontics we are sure we can help you. With a wide-range of straightening treatments on offer to deal with mild to more complex issues we will help you smile confidently this summer.

For older teenagers or adults seeking orthodontic treatment but are put off by fixed metal systems, do bear in mind that there are now many great alternatives to the traditional train track brace. Invisalign aligners are removable and made from clear medical grade plastic making them virtually invisible. As there are no metal parts they are very comfortable and suitable for people with nickel allergies.

Other discreet options include the Incognito lingual brace which is fitted to the inside surface of your teeth – meaning that it cannot be seen at all. No-one need even know you have a brace – unless you tell them – so you can smile confidently both during and after treatment.

Many straightening systems are now much faster working with some giving results in just a few months – depending on your case. With better materials and full treatment plans in place before you even start you will find that check-ups are less frequent, shorter and more comfortable. Because of this, many straightening treatments are highly cost-effective.

Straightening your teeth won’t just change your appearance and boost your self-confidence, it’s actually great for improving your overall oral health too – making tooth cleaning easier and improving your ability to eat properly – the benefits really are endless.

So don’t hesitate, love your smile this summer.

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