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Your Smile

The first things people notice when they meet you are your eyes and your smile.  You are concerned about the way your smile looks to others and are about to embark on the journey to change that.

Are you worried about:

  • The way your teeth look when you smile.
  • Your front teeth sticking out.
  • Gaps in your teeth.
  • Crooked and overlapping teeth.
  • ‘Wonky’ teeth.
  • Your teeth don’t fit together properly when you smile.
  • A narrow smile.
  • About wearing ‘metal braces’.
  • Missing time from school/college/work.
  • Having to wait to start treatment.
  • Being too old to have your teeth straightened.
  • How long treatment will take.

If you answer yes to any one of these then there may be a way to help you at the Southampton Orthodontic Centre.  Whether you are aged 8 to 80 there is always an option that is perfect for you.

Contact us and arrange your appointment today.