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Bad habits, which cause teeth misalignment

posted 03/04/2017

There are a few reasons why you may have crooked, overlapping or twisted teeth. Some people’s teeth are too big for their mouth and even though crooked teeth are often inherited traits, just as the colour of your eyes or hair; there are a few other actions we may be guilty of, which can cause our teeth to become crooked.

Below, we explore further some of these habits. Check the list to see if you are guilty of any of these.

Nail Biting

Did you know that nail biting is one of the major causes of teeth misalignment? People who bite their nails, often do it regularly and this can cause your teeth to move out of place and could potentially cause teeth to break or tooth enamel to splinter.

Thumb Sucking

If children continue to suck their thumb once their permanent teeth start coming through, approximately 5-6 years old, it can cause misalignment of the teeth. This misalignment can lead to some issues, which include chewing difficulties and potentially even breathing problems. You can buy over the counter products to stop thumb sucking, such as a Thumb-Sucking Guard.

Sucking on Lemons

Lemons are very acidic, and they can corrode your tooth enamel if you suck on them. Repeated exposure to this acidity can cause the enamel to erode and create a rough texture on your teeth. Try to avoid sucking lemons.

Hard Brushing

If you brush your teeth too vigorously, you can actually cause damage to the teeth. It can wear down the enamel, irritate your gums and make the teeth more sensitive. Try using a soft bristled toothbrush or not putting too much pressure on your teeth while brushing them.

Jaw Clenching/ Tooth Grinding

Sometimes when people get stressed, they may tense and clench their jaws and grind the teeth. This puts severe pressure on the teeth and can cause microfractures or actual fractures in your teeth. This weakens areas of the teeth, which can put them at further risk of damage. Try squeezing a stress ball if you feel stressed and relax your jaw.

Crunching on Ice

This may sound over cautious, but the cold temperature and the hardness of the ice cubes can cause serious damage to your teeth. Our teeth are not designed to crush against something; they are built to crush or chew through things.

Leaning or sleeping on your face

Sleeping on your face or putting your arm under your head while sleeping can put consistent pressure on your teeth during the night, causing them to shift position. Try to sleep on your side or back.

Leaning your head resting on your hand or fist can also shift the teeth, especially if you are leaning for prolonged periods, such as while working at your desk. Try to maintain a good posture at work.

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