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The Benefits of Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces

posted 14/09/2017

When you think of braces, do you think of the famous, chunky metal ‘train tracks’ closely associated with backpack wielding school children? Many adults refuse orthodontic treatment due to the appearance and lack of flexibility offered by traditional braces, and never achieve their desired smile as a result.

Southampton Orthodontic Centre is proud to be able to create your signature smile with the help from Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces.

What are Clarity Advanced Braces?

Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets are a leap forward in orthodontic ceramic brackets, delivering not only advanced aesthetics but also performance to patients. Our practitioners here at Southampton Orthodontic Centre use this revolutionary tooth straightening system to bring brilliant aesthetics and enhanced patient comfort to our patients, using a small bracket design that brings trusted strength, and predictable and consistent debonding.

Aesthetics – Clarity Advanced Braces boast their innovative new, ceramic material that brings an attractive appearance due to the ultra-small translucent brackets. They are designed to blend with one’s natural tooth colour; the system also resists staining and discolouration throughout the treatment.

Strength – Created through an injection moulding process, Clarity Advanced Braces offer trusted strength in a small size and a lower anterior profile than other competitors. The fine grained ceramic material the brackets are made from are less prone to becoming detached from the tooth and offer a higher general strength than traditional braces.

Debonding – Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces help makes the debonding visit a positive part of your treatment with Southampton Orthodontics. With 3M™ Clarity’s hallmark unique stress concentrator, our practitioners can debond on or off the archwire, and the innovative design also allows for easy mesial-distal debonding.

Comfort – 3M recognise that their patients expect a high level of innovation from their Clarity brackets, and using a patient focused, dome-shaped design; they certainly exceed this expectation. The smooth, rounded corners that the injection-moulding process can achieve, combined with smaller brackets to minimise soft tissue contact, result in a comfort that’s rare for teeth straightening systems.

For more information on this revolutionary leap forward in orthodontic treatments, or to contact one of our team, call us on 02380 220 008, or visit our website at: https://www.braces4u.co.uk/orthodonticsunltd/types-of-treatment/ceramic-braces/