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Brace yourself for big benefits

posted 13/10/2016

Crooked, over-spaced or generally wonky teeth can leave you unwilling to flash your grin. But feeling embarrassed about uneven teeth and hiding your smile will conceal a big part of who you are and sap your confidence. That’s why straightening your teeth can be such a good thing – it helps you smile freely again, as well as being good for your general well-being.

And don’t think it’s just kids who can benefit from the positive effects of orthodontic treatment, it can help people of all ages feel a whole lot better about themselves.

Here are some of the beautiful benefits braces can bring:

  • Straighter teeth are much easier to keep fresh and sparkly. Badly aligned teeth can result in narrow interdental gaps, providing the perfect environment for food to stick around and plaque to collect. Nicely lined up teeth will allow your toothbrush to do its work more effectively and you’ll be able to clean between your teeth too.
  • A bad ‘bite’ (how the upper and lower teeth fit together) can cause uneven stress on teeth, which can wear them down. Straightening can realign the upper and lower jaws to help prevent this.
  • Eating and speaking may improve as chewing and the articulation of words becomes easier with newly positioned teeth.

Increased confidence can lead to enhanced social development, particularly for kids finding their way in the world. They are also less likely to be teased about their teeth, which can help to boost their self-esteem. And, armed with a smile they’re not afraid to show off, adults will feel more comfortable socially too.

Our orthodontic options

We offer NHS treatment to children under 18 years (however they can also be seen privately if they do not meet NHS criteria). If you are little older, we have a number of attractive options up our sleeve, including:

  • Virtually invisible aligners from Invisalign (with an Invisalign Teen option for younger patients).
  • Incognito – the ‘behind the scenes’ braces that are kept well-concealed while they get on with their work.
  • Ceramic braces for precise but subtle straightening with titchy brackets and tooth coloured wires to blend in with your teeth.
  • Damon braces – less obvious tieless braces with a clever sliding mechanism and lightweight wires.

If you opt for more discreet braces or clear aligners, you’ll benefit from an added touch of confidence while you go through the straightening process too.

So, if you are looking to neaten up your smile, or just want to find out more, why not come and chat with one of our qualified therapists. They will talk you through all the different types of braces we offer, show you the results that can be achieved and give you an idea of cost. It’s worth noting that we have a range of finance options, including 0% and low interest payments, to help spread the cost of this life enhancing treatment.

If you do decide to go ahead with our smart straightening, we will ask you to come and see us for a consultation. This will include a full assessment and the formulation of a treatment plan, and we’ll help you decide which type of orthodontic treatment will work best for you.