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Brace your child for straighter teeth

posted 16/03/2016

Braces are a great way to boost your child’s confidence about their appearance and improve their oral health. Also it’s wise to sort out disobedient teeth as early as possible because it is far easier to realign teeth at a younger age. Getting teeth straightening over and done with also means one less thing for youngsters to worry about as they grow up in a world that will be throwing plenty of other pressures their way.

But no matter how much you stress all those brace benefits and tell them how much they’ll appreciate having a straighter smile when they’re all grown up, your child may still be worried about facing the world with metal clad teeth.

Here are some guidelines to help them to get to grips with braces if their teeth are in need a little orthodontic tidy up.

They’re not alone

Reassure your child that there hordes of brace wearers out there, including some high profile celebrities, so there is really no need to feel self-conscious.

Getting to know you

Make sure your child realises that it won’t take long to get used to new braces and though they may feel odd at first, this shock of the new and any possible effects on their speech (such as a lisp) will not last long.

Treat them clean

Ensure your child knows how important it is to keep their braces and their teeth lovely and clean. This means encouraging them to brush after every meal (if at all possible!) and making sure they learn to love flossing so any bits of food that get stuck in their braces can quickly be removed.

Foody foes

Tell them that certain foods will probably be off the menu for a while – these include hard brittle foods like crusty French bread and raw veg, as well as sticky stuff like toffee.

Soften up

It may help to encourage your children to eat softer foods so that their braces stay firmly in place. Also after their adjustment appointments, teeth may be a little tender and gentler grub can reduce any discomfort.

Quick change

Let them know that changes may start to happen pretty quickly and when they do see their teeth moving in the right direction, they may feel more positive about the whole straightening experience.

Embrace the brace

Remind them that they can customise fixed braces with super cool coloured bands, so they might actually feel like flaunting their dental hardware.

During an initial assessment we will answer any questions and explain procedures. We offer both NHS treatment (for children under 18) and private treatment for those who don’t meet NHS criteria or would prefer a particular kind of brace. So give us a call today on 02380 220 008 and set your child straight!