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It’s 2016 and time to set things straight!

posted 07/01/2016

We may not be able to help with your post-Xmas empty purse or the fact that your scales are feeling the strain after all those yule-tide blow outs but we can help you face the New Year with a straight face – in a good way!

So don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit wonky in the mouth department, we’ll help straighten things out – whether your teeth are crooked, stick out a little or are simply over crowded. We can also close up annoying gaps and correct your bite, as well as fixing overbites, under bites and all sorts of naughty gnashers.

And we don’t just help teens – if you’re a little longer in the tooth and have always been unhappy with your grin, we have a whole range of options including virtually invisible braces.

So get in line with our top treatments:

Damon Braces System

This system avoids the need for elastics with a unique ‘sliding door’ system and ultra-light wires to nudge your teeth smoothly into place. There’s also a clear option so you can be a bit less obvious about your brace business.

Ceramic Braces

Designed to blend in with your teeth, these braces have super small ceramic brackets so you can keep on smiling while they work on straightening you out.

Incognito Braces

These bashful braces like to keep well-hidden while they get on with their work, in fact they really are back room boys as they are positioned discreetly behind your teeth. There’s also a ‘lite’ version if you only have a few wayward teeth that need straightening.


You’ll have nothing to hide with these amazing aligners as they banish the need for bothersome braces and get to work without the need for annoying brackets or wires. You can also take them out if you’ve got a hot date or just feel like eating tons of toffee, peanuts and apples.

Smile more with benefits galore…

Our tooth tidying treatments don’t just make you more smiley, they also offer a whole host of mouth friendly benefits:

  • You can bite better which means more cheerful chewing.
  • You’ll be able to keep your teeth nice and clean and floss much more effectively, particularly if you were prone to overcrowding. This means you’ll stop piling on the plaque and reduce your risk of that dreaded gum disease.
  • Bad bites can be a real headache so sorting misaligned teeth will help eliminate any nagging pain.
  • You can brace yourself for a massive boost in self-confidence as your straighter teeth mean facing the world with a renewed ‘look at me’ attitude!

Give us a call on 02380 220 008 to find out how you can be as bold as brace in 2016!