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Mum and Dad … Now it’s your turn!

posted 15/12/2016

Are your presents wrapped and under the tree? Or will that be more of a last minute affair? Have you done the Christmas food shopping yet? Bought those mince pies or a bottle of mulled wine or two? We all tend to do so much running around before Christmas in the hope that everyone has a great time and everything is well organised. Maybe you’ve been on the search for that coveted present for your little one, well Mum and Dad… now it’s your turn.

What would you really like for the New Year? Maybe you could get the smile you’ve always wanted. If you are unhappy with overcrowded, wonky or gappy teeth, you could think about getting an adult brace.

Orthodontics has advanced greatly over the last few years and now you can get virtually invisible braces such as Incognito Braces, which are attached discreetly to the back of the teeth, or inconspicuous aligners, known as Invisalign.

There are a great deal more teeth straightening options on the market now and many good reasons why adults should consider braces:

Here are just a few….

  • It takes just seven seconds to make a first impression and if you are shy of your smile, this can be very noticeable. Having a great and straight smile can boost your confidence no end.
  • Braces can also correct a ‘bad bite’ in which the teeth are either crooked or overcrowded. This can make effective cleaning of the teeth difficult. If left untreated, this can lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease and sometimes tooth loss.
  • Braces can assist if the jaw is misaligned and doesn’t meet together, which can cause jaw protrusion, chewing issues and speech impairments.
  • Teeth can become more crowded or move with age. Adult braces can assist in correcting this.
  • If you experience jaw pain, headaches or earaches, a misaligned jaw can sometimes be the cause. Therefore, braces could be a fundamental help in maintaining healthy teeth and avoiding these problems in the future.

If you would like to discuss your teeth straightening requirements further, please feel free to contact someone at the practice and we would be happy to go through the options and find the right solution for you. We have been established for 15 years and have a long history of satisfied patients, both young and old.

We look forward to giving you a smile to be proud of.