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Orthodontics: The solution to oral health problems

posted 09/11/2015

Do you struggle to eat effectively because of your badly aligned teeth? Perhaps you suffer from pain in your jaw or neck as a result of a poorly developed and uneven smile? Do you struggle to maintain your oral health thanks to overcrowded, crooked teeth which can’t be flossed, or large gaps which trap food and bacteria?

Orthodontic treatment can help in so many ways. In fact, thousands of patients in the UK benefit greatly from orthodontic treatment every year. Once commonly carried out in children and teenagers, an increasing number of adult patients now seek private orthodontic treatment to improve their smile.

While some have suffered for many years, others have decided they’d simply now like to improve the look of their teeth for personal or professional reasons.

New smile, new life!

Obviously, the transformation from crooked smile to beautifully straight smile goes without saying. You are sure to be delighted with the results, and happy to show off your new look at every opportunity. But what about the other advantages to be gained from your newly aligned teeth?

Orthodontics are the solution to your oral health problems. They will help you to:

Eat well and feel better

Orthodontics can help close any gaps between the teeth helping to eliminate problems when eating. Likewise, an even bite allows you to eat more effectively. Food is well chewed, aiding digestion, and there is no excess pressure and wear on certain teeth which inevitably end up doing all the work while others don’t meet.

Protect the health of your teeth and gums

Your overall oral health can be greatly improved as a result of orthodontic treatment. Straightened teeth are easier to clean. You’ll finally have space to fit dental floss or interdental brushes between teeth. With gaps reduced, food and bacteria can’t be trapped and missed unknowingly. Bad breath can often be greatly improved. Your chances of gum disease and tooth decay are vastly reduced.

Transform the look of your face!

Incorrect development of the jaw is usually detected in childhood. As it is corrected in the younger years, the facial profile also improves, helping to restore balance to the chin, lips and cheeks.

Adults who have not benefited from orthodontic treatment in childhood may now suffer from ear, head and neck pain or speech problems as the result. It’s never too late to improve this. Our orthodontists are very experienced in the correction of mild to severe malocclusions including overbites, under bites, cross bites and open bites. In some cases, as your teeth are moved you could notice a significant improvement in your jawline and overall profile of your face.

If the changes affect the upper jaw which sits underneath the nasal cavity this could also open your airways, helping you to breathe more easily. Snoring and sleep apnoea can be improved, having a significant effect on your overall well-being.

Find out more about our orthodontics today.

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Many give very predictable results, reduced treatment times and are cost-effective, discreet and comfortable.

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