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The many benefits of orthodontic treatment

posted 24/03/2015

Don’t just improve your smile – improve your overall oral health…

Millions of people benefit greatly from orthodontic treatment each year. Normally performed in children and teenagers where there is a proven medical requirement for treatment, an increasing number of adults also choose to pay for private orthodontic treatment to help improve their smile. The reasons for this are many – and range from low self-esteem to relapsed orthodontic work in childhood.

Have you ever considered the full benefits of orthodontic treatment?

Obviously, the aesthetic transformations go without saying. Many people can suffer for years with crooked or misaligned teeth, unsightly gaps and malocclusions (improper bite). Others find that some adult teeth never appear – or those that do are pushed into completely the wrong place. With a lack in self-esteem they will often avoid social situations or photographs and feel as if they should ‘put up and settle’ either in a personal or professional capacity.

Following the repositioning of their teeth they can smile confidently for the first time in years. A set of beautiful, straight teeth will not only completely change your smile but the way you feel in yourself. Often patients are given a new lease of life and can look to the future positively and with great anticipation.

Don’t forget however, that your overall oral health can also be greatly improved as a result of orthodontic treatment. Gaps from any missing teeth can be closed – helping to eliminate problems when eating. Likewise, an improvement in your overall bite will help you to chew on the molars more easily and effectively – avoiding any wear from extra pressure on particular teeth.

Teeth will become crooked if the jaw does not develop correctly in the first place. In younger children, a number of facial profile problems such as a receding chin can be greatly improved by moving and re-aligning the jaw with braces and/or headgear. Any joint pain in the jaw (which can often arise as the result of a misalignment) can be eliminated and speech issues can also be greatly reduced.

When teeth are straightened it becomes much easier to clean them – flossing becomes possible when perhaps it wasn’t before and this helps to lessen your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Any issues with bad breath can often be greatly improved.

Normally orthodontic treatment is undertaken in childhood or teenage years as problems are picked up early and there is a better chance of success in younger patients. However, modern orthodontics now offers more options than ever for adults too. Many give highly predictable results, shorter treatment times and are cost-effective, discreet and comfortable.

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