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Give yourself the gift of straighter teeth

posted 23/11/2016

Give yourself the gift of straighter teeth

You might not get exactly what you want for Christmas (socks are great for keeping your toes warm but they are a little on the dull side), so why not spoil yourself by sorting out your wonky smile.

Get ready to face the New Year with a better aligned grin by getting in touch with Southampton Orthodontics and finding out all about our neat options for tidying up your teeth. We can address crooked, protruding or overcrowded teeth, as well as rectifying gaps and misaligned bites. And, don’t worry if you’re too shy to sport noticeable braces, we have a range of ortho options to help you achieve that longed for lined-up smile in a more subtle way.

And, straightening your teeth won’t just make you look better and encourage you to smile more, it can also help you eat more effectively and keep your teeth lovely and clean (as they will be better placed for brushing and flossing). Not to mention the big boost in confidence that comes with being able to smile more freely and attractively.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Ceramic braces – looking good!

These better looking braces are designed to blend in with your teeth. They work like traditional fixed braces but have tiny brackets made from less obvious ceramic and tooth-coloured wires.

Damon Braces – smartly sliding teeth into place

This orthodontic system does without elastics and instead has a ‘sliding door’ mechanism and very thin wires to move your teeth to a better place.

Incognito – on a secret mission to move teeth

These braces really don’t like getting attention as they are firmly fixed to the back of the teeth – so they can barely be seen. They also come in a ‘lite’ version, if only a few front teeth need sorting out.

Invisalign – clearly does it

This popular system features a series of aligners that move teeth gently to a straighter position. As each aligner is slightly different, they exert a force that gradually realigns the teeth. There are no irritating brackets and wires to get in your way and, as they are made from a comfy, clear material, no-one needs to know what’s going on.

New you for the New Year?

If you’re disappointed with your embarrassingly crooked teeth or think a little tweak could make a big difference to your appearance, why not ask about our adult-friendly options. You can then book a consultation and be flashing a straighter smile in 2017!